Course Atlas Frequently Asked Questions

The new Emory University Course Atlas displays current course offerings from across the University in one convenient place. It is a comprehensive search tool, which allows students, advisors, and administrators to find all information about classes offered, regardless of the program or career.

There are two ways to access the University Course Atlas:

  • Atlas at Emory Website (no login required for search)
    • Login required for registration, which is coming soon!
  • OPUS: select the “Univ Course Atlas” tile, or click on the “Course Planning and Enrollment” tile and select “Univ Course Atlas” from the menu on the left-hand side. This will direct you to the site.

You can perform a basic search using the following standard fields:

  • Title, Subject, Instructor or Keyword: To jump right in, type your desired topic (e.g., Medical Anthropology), subject (e.g., Painting), instructor (e.g., Kenneth Hornbeck) or keyword (e.g., Globalism) in the search field.
  • Term: This defaults to the upcoming term. Click the drop-down menu to change terms.
  • Any Subject: Only show classes in a specific subject (e.g., AMST).
  • Any Campus: Only show Atlanta Campus, Oxford Campus or Online classes.
  • Any General Education Requirements (GERs): Only show list of undergraduate courses satisfying General Education Requirements
  • Any Career: Only show classes for a certain career.

Or you can conduct an advanced search using the options below to narrow your search to classes that, for instance, fulfill your program's core requirements, meet during specific times of day or days of the week, or offer a certain number of credits:

  • Any Session: Most classes are offered during the term, but special and summer sessions also exist.
  • Any Instruction Method: Select how the class is taught (e.g., In Person, Distance Learning).
  • Any Component Type: Select the type of class you need (e.g., Laboratory, Lecture)
  • Any Course Status: Select between Open or Waitlisted
  • Any Meeting Time: Select a specific combination of day(s) of the week (e.g., MWF, TTh) and time slots (e.g., 8am-8:50am).
  • Any Business Attributes: Select the requirement you're trying to fulfill (e.g., Accounting).
  • Any Other Attributes: Select a class attribute that's specific to your college or program (e.g., Nursing Elective Course).

The University Course Atlas refreshes itself using data from OPUS. As changes are made to course details and as students add and drop classes from their schedule, this information is reflected in the Atlas.

This feature is coming soon! However, a syllabus will only appear if the instructor elects to provide one.

This feature is coming soon! For now, please continue to use OPUS for all schedule changes.

Yes! Every class has an “Order Books” button which links directly to the Emory University Barnes & Noble website. If the instructor has specified book(s) needed for the class, you will be able to view.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to have a specific link for your courses. The url only defaults to We will keep you updated when this feature becomes available.

If you search for a key word (Philosophy), the Atlas will search selected fields for results, and they will be returned in this order:

  1. Code
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Other

Therefore, to search for your classes, you must type in "PHIL" and that will return your criteria.