Enrollment & Degree Verification

Requesting Verifications

Enrollment/degree verification provides proof of enrollment and/or degree for a student’s financial lender, insurance company, good student discounts, scholarship application, jury duty, etc. 

Requests are processed on a first come, first served basis, and usually take two to five business days to complete. However, because of a high volume of requests at the start of each semester, verifications can take as long as one week.

Loan deferments are handled through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).  Please refer your lender to NSC.


Current Students and Alumni

Enrollment/Degree Verifications can be ordered through OPUS for current students and alumni 2000 to present.  Alumni prior to 2000 can request verifications through email.

Verifications ordered through OPUS (under the Academics section of the Student tab) can be processed three ways: 

  1. Print from your browser
  2. Hold for Pickup*
  3. Send official enrollment (enter an address for the Registrar's Office to mail)

With any of the above options, you may choose to include or exclude your GPA, and you may choose to display all terms or the current term. 

*Hold for pickup orders will be ready the next business day by 3pm and may be retrieved from the Office of the Registrar, bottom floor of the Boisfeuillet Jones Building, room 100. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

For verification forms, please allow 2 business days for students/alumni 1990-current, and 2-5 business days for alumni who attended Emory prior to 1990.

Order on Opus

Third Party Companies

Third Party Companies should request enrollment certifications or degree verifications through the National Student Clearinghouse. Emory University is contracted with The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment and degree verifications to third party verifiers such as employment or background screening, loan deferments*, credit approval agencies, etc.
Request Verification


Email Requests for Verification of Enrollment/Degree

For requests via email, please include the following information to ensure your verification is produced properly.

  • Your complete name
  • Any former names
  • Emory ID or birthdate
  • Dates for which the verification is requested
  • Daytime phone number and/or email where you can be reached if there are any questions regarding this request.
  • An exact address, email, or fax to which the enrollment certification should be delivered.For Jury Duty exemptions, please include: the Jury #, Participation #, and Date of Services listed on your summons.

If you are submitting a preprinted form to be mailed, please complete only your portion.

Verification Details

You can customize your enrollment verification when ordering through OPUS. Enrollment/Degree verifications typically include:

  • total number of credit hours taken
  • current and/or past semesters enrolled
  • dates of enrollment
  • expected graduation date
  • degree earned

With student/alumni authorization, your cumulative GPA may be verified. However, neither specific courses nor grades received for these courses are verified. To verify courses taken and grades received, an official transcript must be ordered from the Registrar's Office.